Saturday, December 4, 2010

CrAzY hAiR DaY --October 2010

In the past my kids have hit me up for a pony tail on one side and a braid on the other?.... This year 6 cans of different color hairspray was on the agenda.  That and the girls wanted the Marge Simpson look!  I have to say I was proud of my ability to deliver!  Thank you Walmart (which I detest) for the clearance halloween spray paint for a buck a can!  Here are my little ones.  Camden cracked me up the most when he came home with clean hair.  After recess he was sweating in color  so he went in the bathroom and washed it out of his hair!

Haleigh and Amanda!

Sadie and Sutton!  Matching hair was totally NOT planned!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sadie's Dance Recital

Sadie has been taking a cute little dance class this year.  She loves to go dance and sing with her sweet friend Sutton.  

Tonight was her "mini" recital.  It was so fun to see her twirling around and mouthing the words to the songs they were dancing to! 

It was freezing out there in fact it was the coldest night of the year-so far 25 degrees!  We ran home and made hot chocolate and homemade pizookies.  They were yummy!  Couldn't have had a more perfect family night activity.  
 Strike a pose!

 Man I love this girl!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving Day we flew to California to share Thanksgiving dinner with Troy's brother's family. The kids had a blast with the huge buffet at The Orange County Mining Company. I am not sure they had any M & M's or Gummie Bears left at the ice cream bar when our kids were through with it!  The adults were thrilled with the vast array of options.  I think Taylor won the eat as fast and as much as you can award!  The joy of a growing 13 year old's appetite.

The next day the boys woke up early and got some black friday shopping in while Kelly and I slept it!  Lucky us!  Then later that day we got some shopping in too.  We enjoyed a leisurely afternoon of shopping and a yummy Thai lunch.  

The next day we spent some time making bread.  Here are Kelly's first official loaves.  She is officially a bread maker now....aren't they pretty!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

I am not a pumpkin carver - never have been.  It's messy, it's sticky, it's messy.  Have I said it's messy?  BUT the kids L O V E it?  Especially Haleigh.  She is the designer in the family.  She carefully draws out what she wants and I just dare any of you to try and change anything!  

We enjoyed the school parties, parades, the ward party and on Halloween we had a neighborhood gathering in the nearby cul de sac.  It was a fun time getting to know the families and the kids socializing with kiddos.  

I just thought the expressions on Camden's and Sadie's faces had to be included.  They had fun in case you couldn't tell!  I think my second favorite part of this top picture is Sadie's fabulous hair creation.  Isn't she great?  Love her!

 Yep thats the pumpkin goo I was mentioning!  YUCK!

Sadie and her very bestest friend Sutton.  Whenever the kids ask where Sadie is when she is not home - we always answer  "she is with her other family"-- she spends as much time with them as with her own!!!  

She is lucky to have such a sweet friend and parents that put up with her!

Camden and his friend Holden at the church Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat!

Troy always comes up with a great costume idea!  Now to work on the camera smile....

Haleigh's besties Allison, Amanda, Haleigh, Kyle & Kyle's cousin (I think?)
at the ward party.

Taylor, Travis and Mitchell at the ward party.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Break 2010

Our trip to Utah was full of fun, family and friends.  It started out with a BYU football game.  We went into the game with low expectations but were pleasantly surprised to watch them WIN!  Go BYU! The kids enjoyed lunch at the Cougar Eat with their cousins before the game.  It is always fun to wander the Wilk and the bookstore.  We even found fun shirts for 5 bucks.  Love it!  

Troy and his mom took the kids (forced is probably the more accurate word) on a fun hike in Pleasant Grove. The ironic part is that the kids had to be DRAGGED home for dinner.  They didn't want to go and then didn't want to leave!  Love them!

We also spent a fun day in Park City with more cousins.  Although more than the cost of Disneyland (cough cough gag) we all had a blast!  

Finally we all just enjoyed dinners with family, making cards, grandma costume sewing parties, and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  Thank you Utah for actually have the four season!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Love at Home? Maybe!

After listening to conference this past weekend I decided to put up a "Gratitude Poster" up on the wall of the kitchen.  I have tried to encourage the kids to consider something they are grateful for each day and write it on the poster with their name below.  Of course some are silly - some are thoughtful - but more important than what they write about is the thought process behind it right?  Just 3 days after this "experiment" I woke up to this sitting on the kitchen table.  I am almost crying as I type this.  These are the moments that give up hope as a parent right?  I love conference and the renewed energy it gives us to be BETTER, to REMEMBER what is important and to LOVE LOVE LOVE each other.  Today I am grateful for my amazingly wonderful, talented, kind, frustrating, energetic, children.  What would I do without them?  (Thats a scary question on many levels :-)

Friday, September 24, 2010

He's a Bear Through and Through!

Camden put in a lot of work this past month and earned his BEAR award in Cub Scouts.  I can't believe how old he is getting!  Our Scoutmaster is so fun with the boys.  They have a great time with him and his cute wife each month.  When Camden got his WOLF award he had to get it out of a whip cream pie. For his BEAR he had to catch 3 gummie bears in his mouth.  If you look close you can see the green one at the top of the picture flying through the air!  Great job Camden!  For fun I posted him with his whip cream pie last year!
It's right at the top of the picture hanging on the wall!

Before and 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sadie: A Whole New Soccer Player!

It is amazing what a difference a year can make!  Sadie has become quite the soccer player.  She is one of the older kids, and it really makes a difference!  You can tell how much more focused the older kids are, how much more large motor skills they have, and especially ball control.  After two games Sadie's goal count is 11~  nope that is not a typo!  The best part is when talking to her Grandma on the phone she told her, "Guess what Grandma - I scored 2 goals today!"  I love that she doesn't even pay attention to the score.  She still tells us she wants to rest after each quarter because her "legs are tired"  but I can't blame her - it was 109 on Saturday, poor kids!  I can't wait until it cools off for the kids and the fans!

Sadie's breakaway resulted in her 2nd goal of the day!

Sadie threw the ball in perfect for an assist!  I love that I got the ball in the air!  My camera was worth every penny I tell you!  Thanks Mom!

Here Sadie was playing some mean defense.  Luckily this game there were no kids in tears ! Last week one cute little kiddo stormed off the field crying telling his parents -  "They keep taking the ball away from me!!!"  I love U6 soccer games.  If they aren't crying they are running off the field for their own water breaks whenever they get hot or you have to talk them into coming back in after their "rest".  Too funny!  

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sadie Turns 6!!!

I cannot believe my baby has turned SIX years old.  My friend took this beautiful picture of my sweet Sadie below.   Thanks Amy!  Why do they have to grow up?

All Sadie wanted for her birthday was a PEDICURE?  

Sadie invited her best friend Sutton to enjoy the fun!  Haleigh was so sweet - she came too to help pick colors and designs!

Sadie came home from school on her birthday with a bounce U Certificate given to her from the Principal.  Each kiddo gets one at the school. Now that is a great marketing strategy.  Guess where Sadie decided to go for her party???  Yep you guessed it - Bounce U.  It actually ended up being a perfect decision since we discovered the date we picked for her party was the weekend Troy was on a golf trip with his brothers.  Sadie had a great time with 15 of her friends and siblings.  Do you see the sweat? These kids played hard!

Happy Birthday Sadie!  We couldn't imagine our lives without your sweet spirit in our family.  We love you so much!