Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Haleigh goes to High School Musical!!!

Two years ago my mother-in-law and I started a fun tradition with my kids. For Christmas and birthdays she gives each of them an event or activity for their present. Last year the kids each got a trip with her to Disneyland. This year the boys got a sports camp at BYU and Haleigh got a ticket for HIGH SCHOOl MUSICAL. Of course she was thrilled to get to go to California. Although she has "decided" she is afraid to fly. Troy and I can't imagine why this has happened especially seeing how she has flown several hundred times in her lifetime!!! During her trip she got to help in Della's classroom and spend time with her cousin Caden. Thanks Kelly for emailing me the pictures. I am so appreciative to my amazing mother in law for giving the kids what they love the most -- time with her. I am grateful for the relationship and the memories they are experiencing and making with her. Thanks Della -- we love you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Well I have finally done it. Thanks to my friend Ronda I have figured out the simplest blog layout and even managed to download a few pictures of the kiddos. I have loved reading friends and family blogs and seeing fun pictures of you all that I thought I would give this a try. What an amazing way to "journal" our lives while staying in touch with each other. I will probably be bugging you all now as to how to do this or that with my page so be aware!

Summer has be a blast so far. Just today I decided it was truly HOT. We sat at Camden's swim meet today and it was so long -three teams were competing so we were there almost 3 1/2 hours if you count the time I waited for the gate to open to obtain our optimal location for swim race viewing and after a few hours it was just plain hot and sweaty. We are now looking forward to leaving the hotness and begin our month long vacation across the states of Utah, Idaho and Yellowstone. I guess Yellowstone is not a state -but it is a state park! We leave Friday and are still planning on driving -- yes I said driving to Utah. For those of you that know us well that is a MAJOR accomplishment for Troy to get me into the car for 12 hours. It has not been done in well 8 years. I never thought I would see the day but here it is. Our family is too big for anyone to pick up up at the airport and renting a van for the month was too expensive. So I will report back if I make it there alive. I faintly remembering the last time Troy mentioning driving with me was worse than the kids all put together......