Thursday, November 17, 2011

End of School 2011

The end of school is always a busy time.  There are dance recitals, concerts, plays, academic honor assemblies and our traditional trip to a local resort to celebrate!  

This is Haleigh's big Landmark Project

Sadie's end of year dance recital with her bff Sutton. 

Sadie's Let's Play Music Recital

Camden's was the narrator for his 4th grade play.

Haleigh's school orchestra concert.

Sadie's 1st grade water day.

Taylor's golden scholar ceremony for straight A's all year.

Poor Camden and Haleigh had to miss their Academic Night for Baseball and Softball playoffs.

So to celebrate our crazy end of year activities we celebrated at our traditional getaway at the Arizona Grand with 45 of our favorite families :-)

I was so glad I wasn't the only pregnate lady there!! 
Thanks Sarah :-)