Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Break 2010

Our trip to Utah was full of fun, family and friends.  It started out with a BYU football game.  We went into the game with low expectations but were pleasantly surprised to watch them WIN!  Go BYU! The kids enjoyed lunch at the Cougar Eat with their cousins before the game.  It is always fun to wander the Wilk and the bookstore.  We even found fun shirts for 5 bucks.  Love it!  

Troy and his mom took the kids (forced is probably the more accurate word) on a fun hike in Pleasant Grove. The ironic part is that the kids had to be DRAGGED home for dinner.  They didn't want to go and then didn't want to leave!  Love them!

We also spent a fun day in Park City with more cousins.  Although more than the cost of Disneyland (cough cough gag) we all had a blast!  

Finally we all just enjoyed dinners with family, making cards, grandma costume sewing parties, and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  Thank you Utah for actually have the four season!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Love at Home? Maybe!

After listening to conference this past weekend I decided to put up a "Gratitude Poster" up on the wall of the kitchen.  I have tried to encourage the kids to consider something they are grateful for each day and write it on the poster with their name below.  Of course some are silly - some are thoughtful - but more important than what they write about is the thought process behind it right?  Just 3 days after this "experiment" I woke up to this sitting on the kitchen table.  I am almost crying as I type this.  These are the moments that give up hope as a parent right?  I love conference and the renewed energy it gives us to be BETTER, to REMEMBER what is important and to LOVE LOVE LOVE each other.  Today I am grateful for my amazingly wonderful, talented, kind, frustrating, energetic, children.  What would I do without them?  (Thats a scary question on many levels :-)