Monday, June 28, 2010

#2 Girls Trip for 2010!!!!

So our good friend Bart Hamilton wanted to send Kristi on a surprise birthday trip.   Cami and I enjoyed obliging him.  We had a fabulous girls weekend full of fun.  We got Kristi a ticket and we all enjoyed Wicked in San Francisco Friday night for her birthday and then toured Napa all day Saturday.  It was a fun filled day full of shopping, eating and taking in all the beautiful scenery of the area.  Thanks again girls as always for a great time!

One of the best Hamburger joints you'll ever try.  They lines are long but well worth the wait.  It's called Taylor's Refresher.  It's been featured on Diners, Drive - In's and Dives.  But it is FAR from a dive.  They food is amazing, and the service first rate and dining area immaculate. Yumm - o!

We were enthralled with the beauty of the red rose bushes at the end of each row of grapes.  

Some crazy dude decided to build this castle in and around his vineyard.  It took 20 years and a ridiculous amount of money - but it is authentic and really really pretty up on that hill!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Haleigh's End of School 2010 Activities and Awards

Academic Night 2010!  Haleigh values her education and has always enthusiastically embraces her love of learning and finding joy in the journey.  I am so grateful for the amazing teachers she has had the advantage of having.  Although I think she has that personality, I know the influence her teachers have had on her has fostered and encouraged her creativity and desire to succeed.  She is my one kiddo who wants to finish everything the day she get it.  No matter that the due date is a month away - nope we are off buying poster board, clay, pipe cleaners or felt at the store immediately.  I love her enthusiasm and her great example.  (Her Mom and both her brothers could learn from her)

After a year of tumbling, Haleigh finally got her back walkover?  I love that I have a camera that finally captures action shots!  Now for that back handspring!  She is almost there :-)

Haleigh has been playing the violin now for 6  years.  We were worried that Beginning Orchestra in 5th grade would be a "challenge" for her to participate in.  Her teacher recognized she might be a little bored so she asked Haleigh to do a few extra things to help.  Haleigh loved being able to help the kids just starting each class getting their violins tuned and helped them with their fingering and even reading the music.

At the beginning of their last concert her Conductor invited her to play a solo.  (picture above) She played the Suzuki song she was working on- I think it was the first song of book 4.  The audience gave her a standing ovation!  It was so sweet.  She was so touched and turned all red!  The kids have always been so sweet to her graciously bestowed compliments to her at each concert.  But I think she was most touched by some of the parents that stopped and complimented after the concert in the gym, outside the school and even in the parking lot.

I am so grateful that she has chosen to develop this talent and to bless us with it!  Keep it up Haleigh. 

Haleigh participates in a orchestra outside of school, the East Valley Youth Symphony.  She set a goal early in the year and the last concert of the year was awarded for her hard work!!!  She earned first chair!   I love to see a goal, especially one not immediately realized, requiring continued and diligent work finally awarded!  She was so excited.  We are very proud of her!