Monday, February 14, 2011

Sadie and Sutton: BFF's

Sadie has a good friend.  They met in Kindergarten and never looked back.  I am always grateful for "kindred spirits" especially with my children and when the families get along great.  These girls love to be with each other.  They never fight and can party or veg without any drama and it always works out to be fine.  I often share lunch with the girls at school and am constantly touched when Sutton always scoots over to make room for Sadie and waves her over.  I am so grateful for good, kind friends!  They are harder to come by then you think!

It takes a Village - Happy Valentines Day!

I am so grateful there are wonderful people like the Miltuns and my own daughter Haleigh with creative bones in their body!!!  Haleigh loves anything with scissors, glue, paper and designing.  I cannot usually help make her creations come alive - but thankfully our good friend Mark & Carlee Miltun can and did!!!  It isn't finished yet - but here is Haleigh's Cathedral of Annunciation in Red Square.  It is part of her 600 point Landmark project!!  

Then there is my sweet Haleigh who is always up for helping Sadie do anything for school.  Here they are with Sadie's puppy Valentine mailbox.  Haleigh amazes me with her helpfulness  - now if we can work on the attitude!  Love that girl! (P.S. ignore the terrible picture in my kitchen.  I can never get the lighting right in there so lucky I am taking a photography class in two weeks that will teach me to use my camera)