Saturday, December 4, 2010

CrAzY hAiR DaY --October 2010

In the past my kids have hit me up for a pony tail on one side and a braid on the other?.... This year 6 cans of different color hairspray was on the agenda.  That and the girls wanted the Marge Simpson look!  I have to say I was proud of my ability to deliver!  Thank you Walmart (which I detest) for the clearance halloween spray paint for a buck a can!  Here are my little ones.  Camden cracked me up the most when he came home with clean hair.  After recess he was sweating in color  so he went in the bathroom and washed it out of his hair!

Haleigh and Amanda!

Sadie and Sutton!  Matching hair was totally NOT planned!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sadie's Dance Recital

Sadie has been taking a cute little dance class this year.  She loves to go dance and sing with her sweet friend Sutton.  

Tonight was her "mini" recital.  It was so fun to see her twirling around and mouthing the words to the songs they were dancing to! 

It was freezing out there in fact it was the coldest night of the year-so far 25 degrees!  We ran home and made hot chocolate and homemade pizookies.  They were yummy!  Couldn't have had a more perfect family night activity.  
 Strike a pose!

 Man I love this girl!