Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sharing Meaningful Moments

Recently a neighbor, and inactive member of our ward suffered a significant loss.  The husband and father of four children took his life.  It was a very traumatic event for our kids as the police were on our street for the good part of a day and when they found out what happened they asked a lot of questions and were confused and upset not understanding what would cause someone to make that choice.  That Sunday the Primary children were asked to write Valentines to the family that were going to experience a holiday their father always made special for them - without him.

This is what Haleigh wrote.  I am grateful for my Bishop's wife that was touched enough about what Haleigh wrote that she wanted to share it with Troy and I.  

These are the moments you know our children really are gaining their own testimonies of the Heavenly Fathers Plan for each of us.