Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween 2009

You have to admit she's a cute little devil ehe?
That is Camden under the mask.
Haleigh our female pirate!

Taylor and his friend Jacob. They were the hit of the neighborhood. You can't see but they had tube socks and high tops on. They were so funny and had a great time with all the attention.

This year we were so busy we barely made it out. We didn't get our pumpkins carved but we did manage to get the kids in their costumes. We can always thank Haleigh for her perpetual preparedness. Now if we can keep her planning in the month of October next year! September is a bit early for me! It was fun to have Halloween on a Saturday. After 5 games here and there and everywhere - the kids had fun trick or treating with friends around the neighborhood.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy 5th BIrthday Sadie!

Sadie picked Red Robin for her big 5th celebration. Nana Pat came to share her special day with her. Her favorite part had to be the balloon and the group of servers singing her Happy Birthday as loud as they could sing! After lunch Sadie got a BIG surprize. Nana took her to the mall and got her ears pierced. I can't decide who was more excited - Sadie or Haleigh! We sure love you Sadie baby and couldn't imagine our family without your sweet personality! Our family lunch at Red Robin

Sadie showing us her birthday cash!

The smartest thing ever thought up -- the double pierce!

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Sadie's First Day of Kindergarten!!!

Camden's in 3rd grade

Haleigh striking a pose for 5th grade

Taylor's off to Jr. High

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hotel Del Coronado

I have always wanted to go to the infamous Hotel Del! This past year they had a first ever special and we jumped right on it. It was such a fun time and such a beautiful hotel. We also enjoyed sharing the fun with our friends the Beechers. Both Kelly and I were loser picture takers but I did scrape together a few! We had a great time at the beach and loved just walking right out to the sand from the lobby of the hotel. One night while we were there they hotel had smore pits on the sand and while making smore after smore we got to watch the Navy Seals do a training exercise right on the shore. It was sure enteretaining and pretty amazing the strength and stamina they have to have. It was perfect weather for a beach weekend and a great way to end our summer. Love these four kids!

Camden and one of many sandcrabs found throughout the weekend.

Sadie and Cooper Beecher digging a hole in the sand!

Friday, June 26, 2009

BYU Baseball Camp

Taylor had the another great year at BYU baseball camp. He was lucky enough to go with 3 other boys from Arizona. Taylor and Brayden were roomates and Bridger and Grady Olsen were roomates next door. They had a blast not only playing baseball, but also the ice cream socials, the trip to 7 peaks water park and the many games of capture the flag and running around campus. They also played a lot of cards on there "ledge" in the stairwell going to their room. Fun times with fun friends.

Bridger Page, Taylor & Brayden Martinez

The field they spent most of the week!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stadium of FIre

Haleigh and I were lucky enough to get tickets to Stadium of Fire. Haleigh was especially excited to see the Jonas Brothers! We sang until our throats were hoarse. I was quite the "cool" mom knowing all the words :-). I can't decide if that is something to be proud of or not! The fireworks were amazing and LOUD! It was a fun night with Haleigh. Our friend Amy Willardson and her Aunt got the seats right next to us. It was nice to see a familiar face in such a large crowd.

Monday, June 15, 2009

San Francisco 2009

It was a beautiful day in San Francisco!
Its was pretty sunny!
Bart in his Barro's T-shirt! You know you miss good ole AZ!
The wind was a blowin!

Sadie & Alexa. Two little cuties!
Ashlyn, Taylor & Tanner on the Alcatraz tour.
Carson, Brayden & Camden on the tour of the Sourdough Factory.

In July we met our friends the Bruschke's and the Hamilton's for a fun weekend in Northern California. We got to spend a fun day in the city and took the kids to Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, and a Sourdough Bread factory. The end of day we spent getting a Hot Fudge Sunday at Ghiradelli's Square. The next day we were able to attend Breann's baptism. We are grateful for the opportunities to spend time with these great families!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Camden's Baptism


I figured it was time to recognize my sweet Camden and his special day. Camden was Baptized April 18th by his father. He was excited that both his Grandmas were able to come as well as cousins from California and Colorado. After he was baptized and confirmed we had a luncheon at our house. Everyone enjoyed lunch and swimming and visiting with good friends and family.

Camden was able to end his day with a baseball game. He was so excited to have his family from out of town there cheering him on! It was quite a day when he won the game by hitting a GRAND SLAM home run at the bottom of the last inning! His coach gave him the coveted "game" ball! It was an amazing day for an amazing kid.

We love you Camden and are so proud of the choice you make to become the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Plewe family!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taylor the UMPIRE!

Taylor has been working on he Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge. He selected Gilbert American Little League for the community non profit organization to learn about and to give service to. He helped with opening day and then is volunteering his baseball knowledge by umpiring the little guys playing in the Rookie league. Thanks to my friend Cheryl for taking these pictures for me. This is Taylor umping his 1st game! So fun --

Haleigh's Honors

Haleigh with friends from EVYS also selected for the Honor Orchestra

Haleigh has had quite a month. It started out with an invitation to participate in the Gilbert Public Schools Honor's orchestra. Wow -- she isn't even in the schools orchestra yet! Orchestra begins in 5th grade here but one day she brought her violin in to play for her music teacher and the orchestra teacher heard her playing and immediately went about finding a way to have Haleigh play with her 5th graders. She spoke with her teacher, her ALP teacher (she has to leave math 5 min early) and the okay'd it all with the principal. Haleigh felt very special to be able to participate after all of that. Through that came her invitation to audition for the District Honor's Orchestra. She made it and although it made her schedule very full those two weeks, it was a very fun experience for her. We are very proud of the musician she is growing to be. We love you Haleigh and we are especially proud that you are developing the special talent your Heavenly Father has blessed you with!

Haleigh came straight from her softball game!

Haleigh and her classmate Zion

Haleigh's metal turtle. So cool!

The next opportunity Haleigh was honored with was her Gifted Artist Award. Haleigh had 3 pieces of her Art selected to display at the districts Art Show this year. Each class in the school has 2 children's art selected for the show. This is Haleigh's 4th year in a row being in the Art show. Let me just tell you this comes NOT from her mother. Thank goodness she has talented Grandmas and Grandpas. My stick figures just wouldn't cut it!


The last but not least honor Haleigh will receive this week is making Academic Night. In our school district if you get all A's (you can get 1 B) you qualify for a special award presented by the School Board. This begins in 4th grade and Haleigh made a goal to earn this award. She worked hard and accomplished it! Congratulations Haleigh. We are very proud of you. It is very rewarding to watch hard work and diligence pay off.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Our visit to Southern California

The first weekend in March we went to our nephew Caden's baptism in Riverside, California. It was a special day the kids enjoyed spending time with their cousins and getting to share that day with Caden. Before we flew home on Sunday we stopped for a traditional visit to the tidepools. I think Troy has as much fun as the kids when we do this. He is the best at finding all sorts of creatures to view and hold -- oops just admitted to a crime there :) It was a beautiful day at the beach and we even got a decent family picture out of it!

Sping Break 2009

Taylor & Ashlyn and her friend Dallin at the Californa Academy of Sciences Museum

Dallin & Haleigh

Camden & Sadie

Sadie & Alexa

Sadie in the tidepools

In San Francisco the California Academy of Sciences Museum at Golden Gate Park is free the third Wednesday of every month. In March that happened to fall on our Spring Break. We decided to join the Bruschke clan and visit this newly renovated museum. We got in early but still had to wait in line for over an hour before we got in -- but once we did the kids had a blast. They enjoyed the tidepools, the aquarium, the natural history portion of the museum and the Rain Forest wuth amazingly beautiful butterflies. Our trip was quick but fun. The kids enjoyed meeting up with their good friends. We miss the good ole days of bike riding, ball throwing and trampoline jumping of the old cul-de-sac. It was crazy to watch the two oldest of these two families head off to Mutual together later that night? Sad but fun to watch them grow up!

Taylor Turns 12

Taylor had very specific birthday plans. Football & video games. He got what he wanted. Taylor and 12 boys played football for close to 2 hours. After football they came back to the house for pizza and 4 gaming stations set up for their gaming extravaganza. Playstation 2, X-box, WII. Guitars played, cars raced and boys ate. It was a fun night for all, especially Taylor.