Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving Day we flew to California to share Thanksgiving dinner with Troy's brother's family. The kids had a blast with the huge buffet at The Orange County Mining Company. I am not sure they had any M & M's or Gummie Bears left at the ice cream bar when our kids were through with it!  The adults were thrilled with the vast array of options.  I think Taylor won the eat as fast and as much as you can award!  The joy of a growing 13 year old's appetite.

The next day the boys woke up early and got some black friday shopping in while Kelly and I slept it!  Lucky us!  Then later that day we got some shopping in too.  We enjoyed a leisurely afternoon of shopping and a yummy Thai lunch.  

The next day we spent some time making bread.  Here are Kelly's first official loaves.  She is officially a bread maker now....aren't they pretty!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

I am not a pumpkin carver - never have been.  It's messy, it's sticky, it's messy.  Have I said it's messy?  BUT the kids L O V E it?  Especially Haleigh.  She is the designer in the family.  She carefully draws out what she wants and I just dare any of you to try and change anything!  

We enjoyed the school parties, parades, the ward party and on Halloween we had a neighborhood gathering in the nearby cul de sac.  It was a fun time getting to know the families and the kids socializing with kiddos.  

I just thought the expressions on Camden's and Sadie's faces had to be included.  They had fun in case you couldn't tell!  I think my second favorite part of this top picture is Sadie's fabulous hair creation.  Isn't she great?  Love her!

 Yep thats the pumpkin goo I was mentioning!  YUCK!

Sadie and her very bestest friend Sutton.  Whenever the kids ask where Sadie is when she is not home - we always answer  "she is with her other family"-- she spends as much time with them as with her own!!!  

She is lucky to have such a sweet friend and parents that put up with her!

Camden and his friend Holden at the church Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat!

Troy always comes up with a great costume idea!  Now to work on the camera smile....

Haleigh's besties Allison, Amanda, Haleigh, Kyle & Kyle's cousin (I think?)
at the ward party.

Taylor, Travis and Mitchell at the ward party.