Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lion King

For Della's Christmas and Birthday we got her and the rest of the family tickets to the Lion King. It was such a great night. We were lucky enough to get tickets on the aisle so we could see the animals parade right past us and we got an eagles eye view of the amazing costumes and choreography since we were on the third row!! The best part was attending a cultural experience that everyone enjoyed. There isn't much these days that my almost 12 year old and my 4 year old both enjoy equally!

Haleigh as Pocahontes Wins 2nd Place!!!

Haleigh with two friends and neighbors. Kine Miltun and Cassie Bump.

Haleigh as Pocohontes

Haleigh is always ready for a fun project or activity. This past two months it has been the speech club preparing for the schools oratorical contest. She picked her character, researched and wrote her speech and proceeded to memorize her 5 minute prepared report on Pocahontes. I did nothing but proofread her final draft. I was so impressed with her. She honestly did this all on her own with no encouragement or even support. Should I be admitting that? I think she had to ask us 500 thousand times to buy her a costume. She even got on the internet and told us which stores carried it and how much it costs. What an amazing girl we have. Am I bragging? Well she deserves it. Go Haleigh we love you and are so proud of your effort. It paid off when she recieved 2nd place out of 20 students. She qualified for the district contest next week. She has a good chance since there you have to have your speech completely memorized and she was the only one at her school that did! You go girl!

Friday, January 9, 2009


After Christmas we went to spend a few days with family in the snow of Utah. The first day Troy took Taylor, Haleigh and Camden to Sundance for a day of skiing with Aunt Cherrie and Max. Sarah stayed at home with Sadie and Sophie. They spent the morning at the Kangaroo Zoo - a warehouse full of bouncies and blow up slides etc. After lunch we went up to see our skiing kids. They all had a fun day. Another day we went up to Heber and went tubing with the whole Lassiter family. Thanks Nana Pat for such a fun activity. It was pretty cold but managed to hold out for the 2 hour session. The sun was shining -it was a beautiful day in the snow. Both cameras that made it to the fun had dead batteries :( so we only got a few pictures but at least we got a few!

Sadie & Sophie

Camden skiing at Sundance

Taylor, Troy before they tackled the black diamond run with Aunt Cherrie!

Haleigh skiing at Sundance

Andrew & Haleigh posing with Sophie

The non skiiers

Sadie and Troy tubing at Soldiars Hollow

Sadie ready to go on the tow rope

Yep even Nana Pat tubed!!! Can you believe it?

Haleigh & Bella

Sophie and Cherrie

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas was fun and relaxing. We started off Christmas Eve with our traditional tortilla soup and drinking our rootbeer reindeers. The kids each got to pick ONE present to open and after reading the Christmas story from the scriptures it was off to bed. Christmas morning came with the excitement of presents. Mom and Dad especially enjoyed making Haleigh wait till the last present to get her "helmet" & scavenger hunt for her motor scooter. It was especially enjoyable knowing that she probably peeked and knew all the rest of her presents. Thats a whole other story probably not blog appropriate :) We love Haleigh but man oh man that girl.....

Here is Sadie proudly displaying her own bling. She kept wanting to wear Haleigh's. Now she has her own. Your so cute my sweet Sadie! You can't really tell in the picture but now our little princess has her own little crown!

The boys were very excited to get the wii set up and start rocking out with the rock band and baseball games. The girls got a turn eventually!

There she is....the screaming was deafening. She loved her only present from mom & dad and I think has forgiven our torture since she has ridden the battery dead so many times over the holiday we lost track. Thank goodness she has friends to cruise the neighborhood with!

The crazy Plewe Crew with beautiful Christmas smiles. It was a great morning.

Shortly after the present frenzy we all gathered in the kitchen to help cook and scarf down our big Christmas breakfast. Bacon, sausage, OJ, Hash brown, and pancakes. Yumm. It was a very Merry Christmas. After a big breakfast and a morning of the wii and scooter riding, we met our friends for another of our traditions...a movie. We saw Marley and Me and well let's just say it was rated PG but if Taylor didn't already know about procreation -- he does now. It was a good movie it just discussed how you start a family many times as well as supported by visually hints. Oh goodness. I was embarassed for my almost 12 year old. I ended my fabulous day by going to bed at 8:30 pm. Now thats a MERRY CHRiSTMAS!