Sunday, January 30, 2011

Christmas Morning


We spent Christmas morning with my Mom and sister at their house.  It was a fun morning opening presents and sharing breakfast with my brother Sam and his kids.  

Taylor and Camden both got a special edition Stars & Stripes Angels Hat

Barbie barbie barbie.  It's fun shopping for a little girl!

Haleigh really wanted a softball helmet.  Her brother got it for her!

I just enjoyed this expression.  Doesn't it sum up Christmas Morning?

Camden read our "note".  Our present to the kids this year is a Hawaiian Adventure! 

BYU Basketball Game!

We went to a BYU Basketball game while we were in Utah for the holidays.  We had a blast watching the Jimmer Show LOL!  We even watched him dunk it which is pretty rare!  We were also grateful for Haleigh and Della entertaining the little ones for those of us trying to watch the game!  Next time minimum age requirement will be put into effect ha ha!  That and a piece of advice: If you have 5 kids age 6 and under providing foam claws and foam fingers - not a good idea...........

And no there will be no pictures of me as usual unless my sis in law will ever send me her pictures - hint hint Kelly :-)

The funniest part of the non basketball portion of the night was when Haleigh was texting non stop so Uncle Tim kept texting her anonymously and kept asking her questions about the "boyfriend" and personal things we kept feeding him.  It was hilarious!!!  

Tim, Kelly, Caden & Clayton.  Clayton actually watched the game!  

Troy, Camden, Tyler, Austin (rare moment of focus for Austin ha ha) and Taylor.

The others!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holiday Family Fun!!

We had a great time over the holidays visiting with our families.  We played games, ate good food, watched movies, played the wii, watched football and basketball, shopped, visited Santa, played at Kangaroo Zoo, made midnight diet coke runs in the fog, created Rootbeer Reindeers, gingerbread houses and decorated christmas trees to take to the retirement home where the kids sang and Haleigh played the violin.  

We were blessed to be able to spend so much time with both the Lassiter and Plewe families.  .  

We got REALLY tired of washing cups thus the  plastic cups took over a whole counter!

 Twister and Orange Sticks memory of Jay Dog!

Trying out the camera on the flip.....not so great!  Just video in the future I think!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Skiing at Sundance

Our cute cousins Sophie and Max have season passes to Sundance so we try to sneak in a ski day with them when we are in Utah.  It snowed a TON the day before we got to Utah!  How perfect was that.  The kids enjoyed a fun day in great conditions!  Mom stayed around waiting at the bottom of the hill with hot chocolate, hand warmers and encouragement.  I am always surprised I don't feel the need to ski. I was a major skiing growing up.  My family had the amazing opportunity to ski across Europe while living in Germany for a couple of years.  We continued skiing when we came back as teenagers and I loved going fast and hard.  These days I am content taking pictures, refilling tanks with food and warm drinks and reading a good book -- what has happened to me???  When all the kids are comfortable skiing on their own I am sure I will ski again right?  We shall see!

 Here is my snow bunny!  She took a ski class and had a great time! Isn't she cute! I was so proud of her.  She didn't complain once the whole day!
Haleigh was hard to capture on film as she continually raced down the hill!  She really wanted to snow board.  I think this will be her last time on skis.... 
Here are the boys.  Camden got a little concerned at one point when his older brother ditched him....thanks Taylor :-) but he managed to find his way down the hill.  It was a fun day!