Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kennedy's Blessing

Today was a very special day filled with friends and family.  Troy blessed Kennedy in sacrament meeting in our ward and we had a wonderful luncheon at our home.  We were overwhelmed by the love and support our family was shown and enjoyed celebrating with the families that came.  Our hearts were filled and what a great time of year to have felt that!

This is how we felt after a fun weekend with cousins and shopping, building forts, cooking, cleaning, and game playing!  Thanks Tim & Kelly & Della for coming :-)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

End of School 2011

The end of school is always a busy time.  There are dance recitals, concerts, plays, academic honor assemblies and our traditional trip to a local resort to celebrate!  

This is Haleigh's big Landmark Project

Sadie's end of year dance recital with her bff Sutton. 

Sadie's Let's Play Music Recital

Camden's was the narrator for his 4th grade play.

Haleigh's school orchestra concert.

Sadie's 1st grade water day.

Taylor's golden scholar ceremony for straight A's all year.

Poor Camden and Haleigh had to miss their Academic Night for Baseball and Softball playoffs.

So to celebrate our crazy end of year activities we celebrated at our traditional getaway at the Arizona Grand with 45 of our favorite families :-)

I was so glad I wasn't the only pregnate lady there!! 
Thanks Sarah :-)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer 2001

We started our summer travels over the 4th of July in California.  We stopped in San Juan Capistrano and visited with the Jacobsen's and the Bruschke's for a day before we headed to San Diego.  Taylor was thrilled when Tyson actually let him drive his Lamborghini....yes that is for real.  Taylor certainly sent pictures to all of his friends!  After a fun weekend at the beach (despite the ac going out in our van) we drove home through the largest dust storm ever documented in Arizona - now nick named "The Haboob"???  

After San Diego we got ready and left for the next 3 weeks to be spent in Utah and Idaho.  Troy drove the van up with Taylor, Haleigh and her friend Allison.  They stopped in Vegas and rode a roller coaster, and made another stop at the Valley of Fire and bought fireworks.   Sadie, Camden and I took a flight later that day and met them in Orem.  It was a perfect compromise!

While in Utah we were able to visit lots of family, attend the Plewe extended family reunion river raft the Provo River, hang out with some goats at Della's neighbors house, visit the Nickle Nickle, go to the Scera Pool, 7 -peaks, spend time with cousins, see lots of movies and enjoy the beautiful weather.  After a week of fun Haleigh went home with Troy, Sadie stayed with her cousins and the boys and I took off for a few relaxing days in Idaho with the Hamiltons.  Taylor begged to stop at another fireworks stand and bought some highly illegal M-80's along the way and of course the boys were thrilled.

Yes he really did drive it! 

We have discovered Sadie is fearless- she wanted to ride all the "scary" rides at Mission Beach!

The now famous "Haboob"  We drove right through this on our way home!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Start of Summer 2011 - All Stars and High School Baseball

Our summer started off with a lot of baseball and softball! Taylor played baseball with Williamsfield High School.  He played center field and pitched.  Both Haleigh and Camden were selected to their All Star Teams.  It kept us really busy with practices across town from each other, everyday, in the heat of summer.  Somehow we survived and both had a great time playing.  Haleigh played 3rd base.  Her team lost in pool play to Queen Creek.  Camden pitched, caught and played 2nd.  His team made it to the championship game against Desert Ridge and lost.  We were disappointed but he had a fun time and played with great friends and families.  We'll get DR next year!  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Haleigh's 12th Birthday

Haleigh's 12th B-day was a fun affair.  It seemed to be celebrated over an entire week due to the fact she was at Science Camp for her actual birthday!

The Sunday before her birthday some of the Young Women from our ward came and sang to her and brought her the cutest cupcakes ever!  Sister Vider is an amazingly talented lady who knows how to make everyone feel special and loved!!!  Then before she left for camp she put this candy bar poster on our front door - so fun!

At camp we sent up some treats and her teacher Ms. Misino and Amanda made sure the whole 6th grade sang Happy Birthday to her.  She was sufficiently embarrassed - mission accomplished!!!

Upon returning from Science Camp our family squeezed in presents and singing between softball and baseball games every night!!!  She begged and received a new bat bag and was happy.

The in true Haleigh style she also planned her own party, made and mailed her invites, decorated the pool area for way too long and decorated her own cupcakes the following Saturday.  (although I will take credit for the softball idea!)  I love her enthusiasm and appreciate the attention to detail she puts into everything she does!  Happy Birthday Haleigh!!!!