Thursday, July 1, 2010

Taylor 2010 Baseball Recap

Taylor had a great year of baseball in 2010.  The highlight had to be after Taylor started his Little League season he found out he made the Greenfield Jr. Baseball team.  Although it made for a busy 2 months for him - he had a great time playing with boys he went to school with.  Taylor played center field for his school team and some first base, short stop and center for his White Sox team. He played hard and had fun learning and growing on the bigger fields.

At the end of the school year Taylor was ready to take a break from baseball. Then he was nominated to play all stars... Taylor made the decision to not play.  Unfortunately for him this age group less boys are available to play all stars due to their "teenage schedules".  He was guilted into supporting the Junior Team (yep that was us).  Luckily he was able to "enjoy" the experience with 2 good friends Jacob and Rhett  Although the team didn't make it out of the district tournament - it was a good experience.  Here are the only pictures I remembered to take.  (loser mom)