Saturday, December 13, 2008

Best Husband Ever!!!

Recently I had a little accident in the kitchen (almost cut off my finger...) and I have been unable to do a few things that needed to get done....and can you believe it Troy suggested he go and buy some flowers and plant them? Yes he "designed them himself, with inspiration from a friends planters. GO TROY. Aren't they pretty? Here are some of the amazing things Troy has done lately:
1) planted flowers
2) gone w/ his wife to see Twilight!
3) done the dishes everyday since the injury
I am a lucky girl!

Thanksgiving FINALLY!!!

Thanksgiving was a fun week. Della, Troy's mom came for the whole week. She was able to come the weekend before and got to watch Taylor's last football game, Haleigh & Sadie's last soccer games and our Primary program. It was our first and last year all of our kids will be in it together!!! We had a fun Turkey Day with yummy food! Troy and I even got up early and did some Black Friday shopping. Later that day Troy and Della took the kids on a 3 mile hike to Lost Dutchman. They did pretty well and had fun climbing on the rocks at the top.