Sunday, March 11, 2012

Poor Kennedy!!

My kids think it is so funny to document all of the funny things Kennedy gets to experience.  Some of course you will note are "inflicted" upon her by her crazy siblings but funny none the less! Others are just the kids taking pictures wayyy too close!  We may have to have a family photo class very soon haha.

 Yep Haleigh again.

 The kids can not get over her "tail".  Yes it is really blurry - I think Sadie took this one!

 This one was Haleigh's and friends form of torture.  This is a build a bear outfit....poor K.

Camden attempt at getting her to stop crying - sad that it worked!!!

Isn't she so cute :-)


Roxanne said...

Cute pictures. What baby girl hasn"t been victim of the headband slipping over the eyes? Nice sleep mask, I'd say!

Sarah Plewe said...

she is so cute

Sarah Plewe said...

such a cute baby with a headband mask